Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

Organizations have never had it harder when it comes to managing cyber liability. More than ever before, modern businesses need expert counsel to provide practical and experienced advice on cyber-related risks, and to respond quickly and effectively if a breach occurs.

Nation-state hackers, criminal enterprises, and commercial competitors target companies’ most prized assets -- trade secrets, healthcare patient information, and other confidential resources. Meanwhile, the law is changing as fast as the technology, and is governed by a complex patchwork of international, federal, and state laws. True real-world expertise is needed to navigate this complex arena.

We know how to prepare and protect against cyber risks. We help our clients develop, implement, and update a cybersecurity plan, comply with international, federal, and state privacy and data security laws and regulations, and meet industry standards and best practices.

If there is a breach, we know how to quickly and effectively position the company to minimize liability and assert its rights. We utilize our legal and technical knowledge, and our connections with cyber-intelligence organizations, forensic analysts, and national, state, and local law enforcement and regulatory agencies to play both defense and offense as needed to protect the company.

The road to recovery can be long, and it is often littered with regulatory investigations, enforcement actions, and lawsuits. Our attorneys draw upon their wealth of experience as prosecutors, as trial and appellate litigators in federal and state courts, and in substantive areas including computer intrusion, intellectual property, healthcare, and insurance recovery, to put our clients’ needs first. Always.

Cyber Protection Planning and Data Privacy
Recognizing that a data breach is inevitable -- whether from an insider or outsider, or simply by accident -- we help our clients develop a plan. Our clients know what they have, where it is kept, and how it is guarded. This way, our clients can appropriately safeguard their and their customers’ data, and when a breach occurs, they can respond quickly and responsibly.
Data Breach Response and Remediation
Digital data is evanescent, so speed is of the essence. When a breach occurs, we act fast. We leverage our expertise and our deep well of contacts in the private sector and government to help our clients remediate, manage the media, and, hopefully, recover their assets.
Cyber Crime
Whether it is a competitor seeking your trade secrets or a nation state seeking to do your company harm, ransomware or a DDoS attack, we are here to help you navigate the thicket of responsibilities and options, including regulatory and shareholder disclosures, consumer notification, and referral to law enforcement, if appropriate.
Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Investigations and Litigation
Unfortunately, while your business is dealing with a major cyber incident, you may find yourself under investigation by a suite of federal and state authorities, or being sued by consumers. Our experienced team of litigators across numerous sectors will fight for you, while being mindful that you still have a business to run.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Attorneys