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Insurance Recovery

Insurance policies are promises. We make insurers honor their commitments. We’re insurance experts. We take the hardest cases, and we work tirelessly to obtain the best results.

We’re masters at reading policies, at interpreting coverage opinions, and at successfully challenging denials. When insurers prove intransigent (which is often), we sue swiftly, and we press cases without mercy. Moreover, because we represent only policyholders, we avoid conflicts and other “business issues” that confront attorneys and brokers who rely upon insurers for referrals. We don’t need referrals from insurers. The end result has been hundreds of millions of dollars in coverage recovered for our clients, numerous “bad faith” judgments against insurers, and cutting-edge decisions in coverage law. To be sure, insurers know that a call, letter, or lawsuit from us means a policyholder is serious about obtaining their full insurance benefits. Or else.

In the wake of a loss or the frenzy of a lawsuit, insurance is often an afterthought. But not for us. We’re always thinking of coverage. Always. Our business is built on successfully exploiting clients’ coverage, and helping them access policy benefits to mitigate risk, to pay claims, and to hire attorneys. We understand policies of all types, as well as manuscript forms tailored to specific exposures. We know the games insurers play to avoid claims, and how to make them act properly. In fact, most cases come to us after an insurer has said, No. Sometimes, repeatedly. In the end, we force insurers to (grudgingly) say, Yes, and they’re often penalized for their stubbornness. That’s only fair. Individuals and businesses pay good money for coverage. When the unexpected happens, insurers need to do the right thing. When they don’t, we take them to task.

Claim Evaluation
Pursuing coverage claims begins with an expert understanding of the policies’ provisions, applicable law (which varies state-to-state, and we’ve seen it all), the losses at issue, and the insured. We help clients read their policies and develop strategies to maximize coverage, and then we advise on the best path forward.
Contract Enforcement
An insurer’s denial isn’t the end of the story. For us, it’s just the beginning and where we can add real value. We make insurers rethink (or later regret) their incorrect positions.
Bad Faith Litigation
Wrongful conduct in the claims process exposes insurers to a variety of penalties, including recovery of fees for clients’ coverage counsel (us!). If insurers play games, we make them pay for it.
Independent Counsel
When defending a claim, insurers often are required to pay for special defense counsel, answerable to the client alone. But they won’t tell you that. Also, insurers will routinely try to pay just a fraction of the defense bills, or control the defense when they shouldn’t. We step in as your dedicated advisor, to exercise all your rights and maximize your defense coverage.
Settlement Assistance
We make insurers help clients achieve favorable settlements, and force them to act in the policyholder’s interests. We also provide coverage assessments to attorneys, mediators, and judges to assist them in resolving cases.

Insurance Recovery Attorneys