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White Collar Defense & Investigations

When an executive, public official, or corporation is embroiled in a government investigation or charged with a crime, there is nothing more valuable than counsel who knows firsthand the tactics and approaches the government will use against them. We have that insider’s perspective.

Our practice is led by three former federal prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California who prosecuted corporations, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, broker-dealers, and sophisticated computer hackers. They conducted large scale grand jury investigations and worked closely with the SEC, the FBI, Health and Human Services, and other federal and state law enforcement agencies.

We also have many combined years of experience representing and defending individuals and corporations under government investigation or charged with crimes. Our team members worked at large, nationally-recognized law firms, where they conducted internal investigations for Fortune 500 companies and defended individuals charged with white collar crimes and SEC violations.

Our attorneys use their deep well of experience as prosecutors and defense lawyers to represent clients in complex white collar criminal litigation, corporate investigations, and related administrative enforcement and civil litigation matters. In addition to representing those involved in active government investigations, we also help clients prevent impropriety by conducting thorough internal investigations and developing compliance programs that balance legal requirements with business goals. No matter the impetus for retaining counsel, our attorneys handle every matter with discretion and respect.

Health Care Fraud and Regulatory Enforcement
We have unique experience in the health care field, first as former prosecutors responsible for overseeing enforcement efforts in Southern California, and now representing large national health care providers, medical groups, and health care professionals in a variety of matters, including risk adjustment investigations, pharmacy and DEA issues, and billing-related disputes.
Business and Financial Crimes
Led by former Major Frauds and Cyber & IP Crimes prosecutors, our white collar team thrives in the detail and complexity of financial investigations. From banking and AML to investment and accounting cases, our team has deep experience and achieves results for our clients.
Securities Fraud and Insider Trading
We regularly face off with the DOJ and SEC. We know how to attack the government’s case, from the outset of the investigation, to the Wells process, and through trial.
False Claims Act and Government Contracting
Whether the issue is an unsealed qui tam or an active prosecution, it may appear that the government holds all the cards and all the power. But that is not the case. We understand how to speak the language of the decision makers and how to expose weaknesses that can result in non-prosecution or otherwise minimize your exposure.
Internal Investigations
When an allegation of misconduct arises, we help clients gather the facts so they know how to respond. Our experience allows us to move quickly to get answers fast without the bloat associated with larger firms. Our background as prosecutors informs our strategy and helps us anticipate where the scrutiny of enforcement authorities may land.

White Collar Defense & Investigations Attorneys