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Professional Liability Defense

Allegations of malpractice can devastate the reputation and business operations of professionals and their firms, particularly lawyers. Our attorneys have extensive experience navigating the complex and sensitive area of professional negligence as it applies to law firms, financial services firms, and a variety of other professional services.

Not only are we equipped to help clients prevent these claims through internal investigations and counseling on regulatory and ethics compliance, but our attorneys can also tackle the full spectrum of problems that can emerge after a claim has been made.

Our attorneys—particularly, Joseph Ybarra, the head of our professional liability defense practice— have represented clients, including large multi-national law firms, in defending claims of professional malpractice. In many instances, our attorneys have secured the dismissal of such claims through motion practice, but, if necessary, our attorneys have successfully tried such claims, before juries, judges, and arbitrators. In each case, our attorneys provide the necessary experience and strategic thinking to maximize our clients’ chances of a seamless return to best business practices and continued success.

Legal malpractice litigation defense
Our lawyers have years of experience in representing some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the country. We have successfully defended our clients in numerous actions, often prevailing on pre-trial motions or, if necessary, at trial.
Our attorneys believe that the best outcome for our clients can only be secured if the opponent knows we have the ability and experience to take the case to trial. Our firm has successfully tried legal malpractice claims in front of juries, judges, and arbitrators.
Internal Investigations
To adequately address a problem, you have to know the facts. Our lawyers are experienced in conducting internal investigations aimed at thoroughly examining the facts and providing the best advice for addressing any problems.
Claim Prevention
Because we've seen countless claims, our attorneys can help law firms avoid them, providing critical advice at the pre-lawsuit phase, which can often prevent a lawsuit before one is filed.

Professional Liability Defense Attorneys